The CutPro® Tap Testing Module is a versatile transfer function measurement program, which has been tested and optimized for National Instruments data acquisition systems (PCI, PCMCIA & USB).

The transfer function measurement is performed with impact hammer tests. The results from these tests can be displayed in different formats and saved to be imported into modal analysis software. After performing a series of impact hammer tests, the resulting transfer function will be displayed on the screen. Various display options can be changed during and after the impact hammer tests to alter the way in which the information is displayed on the screen. The transfer function itself can be viewed in magnitude-phase mode, or alternatively in its real and imaginary components.

The linear parts of the transfer function can be viewed as linear or logarithmic values. To check the validity of the results, the input signals can be viewed in the time domain, or as a frequency spectrum. In addition, the transfer function can be saved in binary format and opened with all measurement settings at a later time.

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The CutPro® Tap Testing Module is fast and easy to use. It has the following features:

  • Allows measurement in multiple directions
  • Allows to use different output sources (i.e. accelerometer, displacement sensor, shaker and force sensor) and displaying the results in any format of a/F, X/F or F/F
  • Has an expert system that automatically investigates the quality of the measurement and leads the user what to do in the next step until all measurements meet certain quality requirements. This reduces the inexperienced user’s faults in the measurements and provides consistency in the measurement quality
  • Displays input and output signals in time domain, Magnitude & Phase, Real & Imaginary part, Power spectrum, and Coherence of the measurement
  • Saves the measurement data in a standard format (FRF) that can be directly used in the process simulation modules in CutPro or other software packages

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