CUTPRO: Boring / Turning Simulation Module


The CutPro® Boring/Turning Module is highly accurate, and the most comprehensive simulation software for optimum planning and troubleshooting of boring and turning processes.


The Boring/Turning Module has three simulation models, which as a package, contain the following features:

  • Has built-in properties of a variety of materials such as Waspaloy, Inconel, Aluminum and Titanium alloys, Steels.
  • Accepts dynamics parameters of the machine tool and/or workpiece manually by the user or in variety of formats (i.e. frf, cmp files) created in CutPro or other commercial modal analysis software packages.
  • The following predictions and analysis can be made:
  • Cutting forces in three directions
  • Feed/Tangential/Radial forces
  • Experimental average cutting forces (plot of Force vs. Feedrate)
  • Spindle power
  • Spindle torque
  • Analytical stability lobes (rpm vs. depth of cut)
  • Cutting forces and temperature using slipline fields
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