SHOP-PRO® is a cost effective and practical chatter avoidance tool kit designed to achieve high speed-high performance machining within minutes. SHOP-PRO® is an effective entry level integrated machine tool testing and chatter vibration avoidance product. It can easily be used by machine tool operators and production engineers thanks to its built-in expert guidance and simple graphical user interface. Furthermore, users can migrate from SHOP-PRO® to the advanced CUTPRO® product as they gradually build their technical base while avoiding costly software and training investments.


After a few minutes of tap testing, chatter vibration free spindle speeds and depth of cuts are found and the material removal rates are significantly increased. SHOP-PRO®’s integrated expert system automatically generates a machining problem diagnosis by reading data on recorded sound and specified cutting conditions.

Compatible with our CUTPRO® advanced machining simulation software, SHOP-PRO® can be learned and applied in minutes to achieve high material removal rates in shops.

ShopPro Features:
  • Seven languages: English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Voice-guided, quick tap testing of machine tools with an impact hammer
  • Graphical output displays chatter stability lobes and corresponding torque/power curves
  • Expert system diagnoses and avoids chatter, tool setting and tolerance violation errors
ShopPro Applications:
  • Milling applications
  • Solid & sharp endmill cutters
  • Process optimization

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