Other Engineering Services


We are highly trained professionals specializing in machining processes, structural dynamics, and high performance machining. We harness our knowledge specific qualities and use our expertise to develop and implement plans, from conceptual planning to machining a full part.


We may be hired to: 

  • Provide expertise in identifying and troubleshooting machining related problems,
  • Support your employees with advanced machining methods,
  • Train your employees to transfer knowledge.


In that regard, we are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Develop methods to improve productivity of machining operations by achieving high material removal rates without compromising the part quality or process competitiveness;
  • Troubleshoot a machining failure by outlining the nature of the mechanism which may have caused damage or failure, and list options for remedial action such as selection of improved cutting conditions; more effective tool design suggestions; replacement of tool, tool holder or fixture;
  • Analyze a complete part program to predict critical process outputs such as spindle torque and power, cutting forces, and maximum chip thickness prior to machining; avoid under or over utilization of the cutting tool and machine; and speed up machining times by eliminating chatter;
  • Train process planners, designers, and application engineers on advanced machining methods and tools (software/hardware) to increase production on existing equipment;
  • Act as the liaison between various departments or group of companies, provide technical support and guidance to get projects completed in a timely and cost-effective manner;
  • Provide on-site/off-site engineering assistance to application engineers in troubleshooting machining related problems and help them deliver an effective corrective action;
  • Characterize cutting tool performance with different work materials and identify cutting force coefficients.

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