CHATTERPRO™ is a fully automated online chatter detection and avoidance program, and it can be fully integrated to CNC systems. ChatterPro is designed specifically for machine tool controller integration only, and should not be used as-is for optimization.

CHATTERPRO™ automatically detects chatter, changes the spindle speed in real time, and avoids chatter. It can be used both in low speed machining of difficult-to-cut materials, as well as high speed machining of light alloys.

ChatterPro Features:
  • Monitors the process via microphone (or accelerometer) and through the CNC controller
  • In the case of chatter, the program will automatically stop the feed and change the spindle speed to a chatter-free condition.
  • In high-speed milling, ChatterPro tweaks the spindle to the nearest chatter-free spindle speed.
  • In low-speed milling, the program applies Spindle Speed Variation (SSV) technique to eliminate charter.
  • ChatterPro is only directly compatible with certain controllers. Fanuc 30i/31i controllers are directly compatible. For other controllers, please contact us.
Chatterpro Applications:
  • High-speed Milling
  • Low-speed Milling
  • NC program optimization

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