Helpdesk Quick Guide


1. Go to the ‘Sign In’ page:

2. Click on ‘Create an account’ to register your support account. Please fill in all contact info as it allows us to contact you by other means if required:

Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive a confirmation email shortly (usually within 10 minutes).

1. Click on ‘Open a New Ticket’ on the HelpDesk home page (or top menu bar):

2. Fill out the entire form being as specific as possible. A detailed ticket allows us to cross-reference tickets to help serve you faster and improve our products. You may also attach screenshots or files as you see fit:


1. Launch CutPro


2. Click the HelpDesk icon


3. Submit your issue


4. Your ticket progress is saved in the background, so feel free to switch back into the main CutPro interface to gather more data for your ticket.