Material Characterization

material characterization

CutPro allows the user to add their own material data very easily. However, extensive cutting tests and additional laboratory equipment is needed to characterize the material. At MAL Inc., we have the facilities and expertise to do this for customers in our laboratories.



This service has been provided quite often for industry, and is performed as follows:

  • Orthogonal turning tests of a thin-walled tube workpiece
  • Tests done with desired range of rake angle, cutting speed and feed
  • Verification of cutting coefficients by performing milling tests
  • Comparison of cutting test results to CutPro simulation
  • A report/summary of all tests and procedures is then provided to the customer
  • Material properties sent to the customer to be added to CutPro.
Please contact us if you want to use a material that is uncommon or not in the CutPro material database.

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