Npro: CAM Software Plugin for NX™ Software



NPRO is the most advanced physics based process simulation and NC program optimization NX™ Software Plugin available. Unlike geometry and post-process based solutions, NPRO allows process planners to visualize, simulate, and optimize NC tool paths directly in NX™ Software. Feed rate optimization is used to boost the CAM program to the machine & tool’s physical limits. For this reason, NPRO is the ultimate machining optimization tool for process planners and NC programmers. For more information about NPRO, click here.

It takes only 5 minutes to learn and use Npro to simulate and optimize existing toolpaths

  • Select the desired operation
  • Adjust the simulation/optimization settings as desired
  • Simulate & optimize at the click of a button, within NX™ Software
NPRO Features:
  • Chatter Detection
  • Process simulation & toolpath optimization based on:
  • Spindle Torque/Power
  • Cutting Load
  • Vibrations
  • Chip Thickness
  • Chatter
  • Tool Bending Forces
  • CNC acceleration and settings
NPRO Applications:
  • 2.5 axis machining
  • 3.0 axis machining
  • 5.0 axis machining
  • Milling operations
  • Boring/Turning operations
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