ChatterPro Mobile



CHATTERPRO™ MACHINING OPTIMIZER is a chatter detection and avoidance mobile app developed for phones running on the Android platform. Chatterpro only requires two parameters; spindle speed and number of teeth on the cutter. The app takes less than ten seconds to setup and use.

CHATTERPRO™ MACHINING OPTIMIZER continuously listens to machining frequencies, and detects frequencies which do not correspond to the machining frequency. ChatterPro will then suggest a new cutting speed based on the measured frequency.

  • Monitors the process via the phone’s microphone
  • In the case of chatter, the app will detect chatter frequencies and suggest new spindle speeds to achieve a chatter-free condition
  • ChatterPro™ Mobile is only available on Android and available for purchase on the Google Play Store

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Chatterpro Mobile Applications:
  • High-speed Milling
  • NC program optimization