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By adopting CUTPRO®, our advanced machining simulation software, you will achieve the highest possible material removal rates, extended tool life, and increased spindle life. You will be able to manufacture parts correctly at the very first trial, with reduced production cost, and significantly reduced machine down time.


Developed at the internationally acclaimed Manufacturing Automation Laboratory (MAL) at The University of British Columbia, CUTPRO® provides high productivity solutions for the metal cutting world. MAL delivers strong technical follow-up support to its customers, and our twenty strong research engineers add new technologies to CUTPRO® every six months.

CutPro Features:

  • Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Deutsch.
  • Milling, Turning, Boring & Drilling cutting simulation
  • Stability Lobe simulation for calculating appropriate speeds, depths and cutter immersions
  • Calculate spindle torque and power, machining forces, surface finishes and more
  • Measurement of tool and machine frequency response functions
  • Machining simulations of specialized operations such as orbital drilling, turn-milling, threading, and more

CutPro Applications:

  • High Speed Machining of Soft Materials
  • Low Speed Machining of Hard Materials
  • Milling, Turning, Boring & Drilling
  • 3-5 Axis machining
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