The CutPro® Data Acquisition Module is a highly versatile PC-based data acquisition and analysis software. It is specifically designed for machining applications to provide the user with a clean and simple interface. The program was developed and tested for National Instruments DAQ Cards such as the NI-9234, which are 4 channel DAQs connected to PCs through a USB cable. The software is also compatible with many analog and ethernet data acquisition devices available from National Instruments.


MALDAQ has the following features:

  • Maximum 500 kHz sampling frequency
  • Up to eight channels data acquisition
  • Logging and streaming data to the disk until it is full
  • Monitoring real-time data
  • Displaying data in time or frequency domain
  • Loading and analyzing any range of saved data
  • Digital filtering options

Common Applications:

  • Measurement of cutting forces using a dynamometer
  • Measurement of machining sounds using a microphone
  • Measurement of vibrations using an accelerometer or laser displacement sensor
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