CUTPRO: Modal Analysis Software Module (MODAL)

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The CutPro® Modal Analysis Module has several practical features which can be used daily in machining shops and machine tool testing.

The CutPro Modal Analysis module aims to predict the natural frequency, damping ratio, the stiffness of each mode from FRF (impact) measurements. These are automatically used in simulating vibrations, surface form errors, cutting forces, torque, power, chip history in the machining simulation modules of CutPro.


CutPro Modal Analysis

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CutPro modal analysis also allows the planners to troubleshoot weak joints in the machines and fixture set-ups.

It is done through very simple, fast and easy to use Mode Shape Prediction and Animation features.

CutPro Modal Analysis Mode Shape

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CUTPRO Modal Analysis has also handy features such as estimation of FRFs at the tip of very flexible tools.

Simulating various tools and tool holders with its receptance coupling function without tap testing.

Modal Analysis Software reports

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MAL Inc. keeps adding new features to Modal Analysis module.  We aim to create easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to troubleshoot machining set up vibrations in the practical shops without having advanced vibration engineering education.

The CutPro® Modal Analysis Module automatically detects the natural frequencies from the measured Frequency Response Functions (FRF) data.

The user can disregard unwanted modes, and carry out mode shape analysis and animation with just one push button command. It can accept displacement or accelerometer measurements obtained with CUTPRO MALTF ® tap testing module. Or the user can import any FRF measured by other software systems.

Modal Analysis Module has the following features:

  • Predicts natural frequency, damping ratio, and stiffness of each mode from FRF measurements at the tooltip
  • Flexible tool analysis that allows the user to predict the transfer function on a slender tooltip where accurate measurement cannot be performed due to multiple hits
  • Predicts and displays mode shapes (1D-2D) and modal parameters from FRF measurements made along the structure axis. i.e. spindle, thin webs, machine tool column or fixture
  • Has a responsive graphics interface specifically designed for machining applications
  • Accepts FRF measurement files in MALTF, ASCII, and UFF file formats

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You may find more on the usage and functions of Modal Analysis module in the below video:

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