MACHPRO: Milling Module


The MACHpro Milling Module can be used to maximize material removal with any milling cutter.

Simulation Models:

  • Cutting forces in feed, normal, axial directions
  • Tool side load in cutting
  • Workpiece cutting forces in X, Y and Z
  • Spindle torque
  • Spindle power & energy consumption
  • Bending moment
  • Form error
  • Chip load
  • In-cut feed for planar, axial and angular directions
  • Chatter stability detection

Optimization parameter settings:

  • Chip load constraints
  • Side load constraints
  • Axial force constraints
  • Bending moment constraints
  • Form error constraints
  • CNC max feed rate
  • CNC torque/power limits
  • Minimum in-cut feet rate change
  • Air cut optimization
  • Modification of existing tool path segments
  • Updated CL commands for GOTO and CIRCLE
  • Enable ramp milling optimization
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