CutPro 16 Update

CutPro 16 features tool breakage calculations, Boring Bar Tuning, analytical stability lobe simulations for serrated milling tools, a 3D cutter engagement visualization, and the ability to import audio recordings in Data Acquisition.

The latest update also includes numerous usability and stability enhancements that are too many to list here! Please consult our change log in the CutPro updater, or feel free to contact us for a full list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

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Reduce your operating costs and prevent downtime with our new tool breakage feature! This new feature allows you to determine the safest maximum feed rate and depth of cut for milling process simulations. You can choose to determine tool breakage from a range of scenarios such as a single point, constant depth of cut, or constant feedrate. Results are displayed within the workspace tree, and using these parameters you can easily prevent tool breakage.



Boring Bar Tuning Toolbox has been added in the latest release of CutPro. This advanced toolbox allows you to optimize the design of boring bars with tuned mass dampers. The toolbox recommends optimized design parameters to allow you to design an optimal tuned mass damper system.



Serrated tools can now be defined in milling simulations for analytical stability lobes. This allows you to fully optimize serrated milling tools with respect to depth of cut and spindle speeds. You can now access the serration properties within the Machine and Tool properties within the workspace tree.



3D Cutter Engagement has been added to the demonstration panel for milling tools. This allows for easier visualization and understanding of the cutter’s engagement when setting cutting condition properties.



Audio file importing has been added to Data Acquisition. This feature allows you to easily use pre-recorded cutting sound data (without a data acquisition device) for analysis. For example, you may load an audio recording file captured from a smartphone or any other source for analysis and chatter detection.

July 22, 2022 in Product Updates

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