Feed Rate Optimization of NC Programs with NPRO



On the surface, all feed rate optimization software packages are the same. They are all targeting to vary feed rate along the tool path of a NC program (which is a very rational thing to do). However, scientific algorithms behind such software make a big difference in reliability of obtained results.


We are a fully equipped research lab dedicated to research and development, and transfer the most comprehensive metal cutting algorithms in the world. Our work has not only been proven in our journal publications but also by the industry; who has been using our flagship product CutPro for more than 15 years. We have published more than 120 peer reviewed journal papers (which received the highest citation in machining research), and a number of conference papers, results of which have all been integrated into NPRO.


NPRO is built on CutPro, a proven technology licensed by more than 130 leading companies which has no competition in the world. Like CutPro, NPRO can accurately simulate machining operations by taking into account complex flute geometries (run-outs, serrations,…), complex tool geometries (tapered helical ball end mill, profile mill,…) and up to 5 axis motion. NPRO can utilize dynamic characteristics of the tool and/or workpiece and accurately predict critical sections of the tool path that is likely to experience chatter vibrations. NPRO also has embedded trajectory generator to mimic machine acceleration and deceleration to determine correct feedrate along tool path, which allows accurate cycle time prediction and process simulation (cutting force, torque, power, …) This information is all used in determining our feed rate optimization values. Unlike other feed rate optimization software, we consider all possible physics which affect the machined chip. Do not be fooled by geometry-only or basic-physics feed rate optimization available elsewhere.

As mentioned earlier, all process optimization software claim the same: optimization of feed rate along tool path; however, what makes the difference is how close they are to the reality when optimizing tool paths. NPRO is the ultimate feed rate optimization solution available; our customer list, publications, and track record speaks for themselves proving this point.