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CutPRO/ShopPRO cannot find hardware key after undocking laptop.
Last Updated 3 months ago


After undocking a laptop from the docking station, older versions of the Sentinel driver cannot find the hardware key that protects your CUTPRO/Shop-Pro license.


When your laptop is connected to your docking station, you can startup CUTPRO/Shop-Pro, using a license that is protected by a hardware key (dongle). However, when you use/start CUTPRO/Shop-Pro when your laptop is not connected to the docking station, CUTPRO/Shop-Pro can no longer find the hardware key. It is even possible that this issue still appears in the most recent version of the Sentinel driver, in which SafeNet has addressed this issue.


CUTPRO/Shop-Pro uses the Sentinel driver to locate the hardware key. This issue is known by SafeNet, the developers of the Sentinel driver and they have solved it in the latest version. However, if you have installed previous driver versions, these installations can still cause the described problem. Uninstalling older driver versions, does not always solve the problem.


To make sure all old driver versions are completely removed from your machine, you should run the SSDCleanup program from SafeNet: This program removes all Sentinel entries from your machine.

After you have run the cleanup program, please install a Sentinel driver version with number 7.4.2 or higher. Latest versions can be downloaded from the same link.

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