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ShapePro is an advanced physics-based simulation software for gear machining processes. It currently supports simulation of three operations: Gear Shaping, Gear Power Skiving, and Gear Hobbing. It can accurately predict the process kinematics, localized cutting conditions along the tool cutting edge (cutting velocity, rake angle, inclination angle), chip geometry along the cutting edge, cutting forces, elastic deflections, and the geometric accuracy of the machined gear through virtual gear metrology.

Developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, deep knowledge of gear cutting operations and years of machining expertise were combined to develop ShapePro.

ShapePro allows process planners to virtually manufacture their gears and optimize their process designs offline, reducing physical trial and error, wasted machine time, and material. In case studies performed by an industrial partner, productivity improvement of up to 24% for shaping of high-volume internal gears was achieved.

ShapePro Features:

  • Fast offline physics-based simulation of tool/workpiece kinematic motions, chip geometry, cutting forces, and elastic deflections
  • Virtual gear inspection and measurement following industry quality standards (profile, lead, and pitch deviations)
  • Integrates with CUTPRO® workpiece material database
  • Integrates with CUTPRO® machine-workpiece-tooling structural transfer function measurement

ShapePro Applications:

  • Gear Shaping
  • Gear Power Skiving
  • Gear Hobbing